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AlSahl Group is active across a wide cross-section of food and other industries vital to Libya and Regional development.
there  activities are foundational to the Libyan and regional economies.

AlSahl Group main activities are investing, producing, importing, marketing and distributing products & services across 5 business sectors to businesses serving our target consumers or directly to retail consumers.

AlSahl Group Holding traces its roots back to the late 1950s when it was founded by Mr. Mahdi Gadad as an olive and grains production company in a newly emerging and vitally important agribusiness sector of a post WWII Libya that was in the midst of rebirth and reconstruction.


Abusdera group is a group of companies owned to Abussdera Family, where is this family began business

during the last fifty years was working in vegetable, fruits and livestock in the local market , during that the importuning items was under control of the government , and beginning of the 1990 the government began to change the policy of the foreign trading to give the business to the private traders, in this very important time Mr.Abussderaplanned to make the business via the family and established the first company “ALASIMA COMPANY ” which was working in foods, so gradually we up growth the wide of business and established “ALWAHA COMPANY “.